Plan for Long Term Care

This article says it all! Most importantly, please have all of your clients give LTCi a “serious look” regardless of their wealth. Secondly, Suze makes a great point when she says, “if you use it, the nursing home costs covered by the policy over one... read more

Why employers need to talk about long-term care

Did you know that 36 percent of Americans require long-term care during their prime working years? With today’s tight and competitive employment market, employers need to think about their employee’s long-term care and retirement needs. The article... read more

Updated Long Term Care Guide Now Available

The 2017 Long Term Care Insurance Consumer Guides are now available and can be emailed to you FREE. The Guide does a great job of outlining the basics of long term care insurance and what Medicare won’t pay as well as the tax benefits of owning your own plan. Start... read more